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  1. Thank you very much , i will be sure to do it right now Wish good rest of your day
  2. so what did you find, will you free me or will you let me banned ?
  3. i dont know wich one gave it to us.. because they where just placed into that chest, nothing is actualy dupe, we bulid that with our bare hands. Only those items where cheated.. and we didnt had set up the town , because we f..... dont know how to use it .. i was just used to use /res set bla bla , with gold axe. In our base, we are playing as 3 people me my nightpaw and sometimes somefriends with my second acc ...
  4. I was just looking at that chest in my place ... that was given to us . by someone , im playing totaly leggit ... Please unban me I swear to god , just delete that chest with that crap ... And take my money in my acc. but i did not something against rules.
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