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  1. Your Name: MrLegendQCItem Name + ID + Amount: See pictures linkedCoordinates: -1450 5475 Raid WorldDescription of Issue: I was fighting against a special mob with Sticky and my sword got pulled, items got cleared at the same time so I lost it
  2. BUMP That was my gear if it's easier to refund the items instead
  3. Your Name: MrLegendQCCoordinates: I was at about 2590 169 in the EndTime/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 22:25 ESTDescription of Issue: I was in the end and got kicked during a chunk load, it took an abnormally long time to log back in and when I got back in my armor was gone.Screenshots (Optional):
  4. Your Name: MrLegendQCItem Name + ID + Amount: All of my stuff Full diamond armor 2x regen potions rings 1x Broken heart 1xObisidian shield (The bauble) 1xBezozar 1xWrath pendant 1x Tool belt 1x EFF3 UNB3 FORT3 iron pick 1x Sharp 5 Envenomed 3 iron sword The rest doesn't really matter Coordinates: I was around -1881,2425 in the raid world if that matters.Description of Issue: My gear was gone when I /back-ed
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