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  1. Your Name: mini_bowTown Name: ThreeCoordinates: X:-367 Y:53 Z:-1129Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 2Am on 9/15*20Description of Issue: Everything in my chests is gone
  2. Could i possibly get a base rollback? I hadn't been on for a couple of days and during that time my base got raided. I lost everything, including a me system with 2 full me drives of 64k drives, alloy smelter, 8 x64 lava generators, 7 diamond chests, 2 full of ores and ore blocks, 6 stacks of yellorium blocks, minotaur spawner, blitz spawner, witch spawner, cave spider spawner 2x, thaumium fortress armor, silverwood wand, 15 obsidian totems, 6x6x15 tinkers smeltery.
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