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  1. [1] In-Game Username: A69x_ [2] Details of Situation: They ban me for enter the server [3] Ban Category: Ban evade [4] Ban Duration: 6 days [5] Staff Member: geri33 [6] ScreenShots: I dont have [7] Your Reason: I was banned from evading offense 2, but I really want to play at Craftersland because we are in quarantine and it is the only thing that amuses me right now and if they ban me for a long time I will lose interest in the server and I will leave but I like the server very much and I want to play it as soon as possible and I think it is unfair to be banned for so long just for entering the server, on other servers it does not happen that they ban you and do not let you in. I would like to be disbanded as soon as possible to play craftersland
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