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  1. that was not what i wanted........or what i bought, im pretty sure i saw a long list of option for example /fly /workbench why should i need chunkloaders...i dont have a base bigger then one chunk i dont want chunkloaders, can it be changed to a rank? if its not possible then i want a refund (if it is possible) kind regards
  2. In game name:houndrave Proof of Purchase:attachemnt Description of Issue: did not recieve the rank Date/Time of Purchase: attachment Items/Rank Bought: premium Screenshots (Optional):attachment Any other important information:Detail-ING-Bankieren_NL67INGB0655897003_28-maart-2020_lglvx6blcg.pdf
  3. 3 stacks of clay and 5 keys from voting ( thought i used them i dont know anymore what i got and ofcourse for the mentally caused damage the pain would be bareable with a few juicy steaks! kind regards Houndrave
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