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  1. My reinforced jetpack tier 3 disaperad when i put it in a vibrant capacitor bank when the tps was bad...
  2. Ball of moss x1 100 redstone and a amethyst pick with the enchants listed above
  3. I Didnt get my cobalt hammer with moss and full redstone max. And i had a amethyst pickaxe with eff4 unb3 and furtune 3 but thx
  4. Your Name: garmyCoordinates: 0.-357.0Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 9:15pm GMT +1, 26th Mar 2020 Description of Issue: I got teleported while standing in spawn and died in the void. i didnt tp i was looking at the market at spawn. Screenshots (Optional):
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