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  1. Your Name: Mosty66Coordinates: X: -2833 Z: -3101 Y: 75Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/timezone/date when everything was fine): 5:30 AM RomeDescription of Issue: I was repairing my fire dragonsteel leggins with protection 5 in a powered anvil when the server did a rollback and just deleted my leggins. it's the third time this week that i lost items due to fucking rollbacks and i will really appreciate if at least this time i can get those leggins back, i vote the server daily but i think i might stop doing it if i cant get back my stuff.Screenshots (Optional):
  2. in game name: Mosty66 Item: one fire dragonsteel sword with sharpness 7, sweeping edge 5, looting 4, venom 2, mending, runed 3 with long qualitty Base Coordinates: X: -2824; Z: -3119; Y: 70. issue: i was fighting the ender dragon with other 2 players when suddently my sword disappeared from my inventory, without a reason. i spent most of the time i passed on this server trying to get those enchantments and seeing my sword and most of my time disappear from my hand like nothing happened makes me feel a bit angry and pissed off
  3. Your Name: lolloboldo99Coordinates: X: - 2827, Z: -3099, Y: 75Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/timezone/date when everything was fine): 2:00 am Rome 27/03/2020Description of Issue: due to a rollback i lost my dragonsteel fire sword enchanted with sharpness 6, mending, looting 4, runed 6, venom 1, sweeping edge 4, magic siphon 5. i put the sword in a chest after killing a skeleton, 5mn later the server did a rollback and my sword wasn't anymore in the chest or in my inventory, it just vanished. i'd love to have my sword back beacuse i spent most of my gaming hours for getting those enchantments and the xp to bind them to the sword.
  4. in game name: lolloboldo99 item: dragonsteel fire sword with sharpness 6, looting 4, mending, sweeping edge 4, venom 1, magic siphon 5, runed 6 my item disappeared from my chest after a god dammit rollback, it just vanished from my chest. i would like to get my sword back because most of my hours of gaming were dedicated to obtain that sword
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