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  1. IGN: Lookchub Problem: I am trying to progress to level 19 in the monk mod. I'm level 18 right now and tried killing the wither FOUR times already. I had no armor and was bare handed. It did not level me up. Could some staff come and use a command to level me up? Thanks.
  2. Your Name: Lookchub Item Name + ID + Amount: Coordinates: N/A Description of Issue: I fought the torment demon in the twilight forest (since stone circles are ALL destroyed in the overworld. Then, it transported me to Torment, as expected... however, the torment demon was NOT in torment. I would have killed it if it was there. I am wearing full awakened ichor armor, have 19 enchanted golden apples, and a tinkers weapon that does an insane amount of damage. Please put the item in my inventory. Screenshots (Optional):
  3. Your Name: Lookchub Base coordinates: Please put items in this chest at X 4920.300 / Y 65.87500 / Z -4625.156 Item Name + ID + Amount: 1 totemic rattle 1 totemic jingle dress 1 totemic eagle bone flute 1 totemic book 1 Master wand 1 angel ring About 30 osmium ore Diamond helmet and leggings with protection 4 unbreaking 3 Ruby boots and chestplate A torch launcher 2 golden lassos and 1 cursed lasso 5 machine chassis (why did i bring those to the beneath) XD 7 ender pearls 1 Me Controller 1 me crafting terminal and 1 s
  4. Topic: Unban Leonard's Urn Reason why Leonard's Urn was Banned: The brews from witchery that can be put inside the urn bypass protection of towns. My Reasoning As to Why The Urn Should be Unbanned: The brews themselves that bypass protection is already banned. There is absolutely no reason why the urn should be banned when the brews that bypass the protection themselves are already banned. It's like saying that cookies are banned so you also ban cocoa beans. Please consider unbanning this item and please understand my reasoning.
  5. IGN: Lookchub Problem: I tried to cure my lycanthropy and it didn't work cuz i dont have a full coven. I can't get more coven members because my coven is bugged. The coven witches keep saying (You do not interest me) even tho i am infused and have a familiar. Can staff please let me use the vampire/werewolf charm for me to cure myself. Thanks
  6. Your Name: LookchubItem Name + ID + Amount: Robes of the stratosphere with Prot 4, thorns 3, and unbreaking 3 Leggings of the burning mantle with prot 4, unbreaking three, pounce 5, and ascent boost 2 Cowl of the Abyssal depths with prot 4, unbreaking 3, night vision, aqua affinity, and respiration 3 Boots of the horizontal shield with prot 4, unbreaking 3, and haste 3 Awakened Ichorium sword with binding 2 (i upgraded it from last time) , sharpness 5, unbreaking 3, looting 3, vampirism 2 Terra shatterer SS tier enchanted (i can do the enchanting myself) I spent
  7. In-Game Name: Lookchub Description of Issues: 1. Coven: I had 6 members in my coven and i accidentally killed one. I tried to "recruit" a new one but it says "you do not interest me" but i am both infused and have a familiar. Idk if someone can fix this or use commands or something. 2. Pech Soul Vial: I finally found a thaumaturge pech after hours of scouring through magical forests and captured it with soul vial. When I logged back in and released the pech... it disappeared... the soul vial was still there but empty after i released it. So can someone refund me a soul vial with
  8. [Refund Request] Lookchub Your Name: LookchubItem Name + ID + Amount: Quantum ArmorCoordinates: Description of Issue: I made it with stuff bought from other people and since stuff is not on market anymore... i cant make it again.
  9. Your Name: LookchubItem Name + ID + Amount: 8 empowering queens, 6 empowering drones, 8 industrial apiaries, 6 automation upgrades, and 6 light upgradesCoordinates: Description of Issue: I had these apiaries down with those bees to make more drones. Broke the apiaries with an unstable shovel which DESTROYED the apiary and the bees inside itScreenshots (Optional):
  10. Your Name: LookchubItem Name + ID + Amount: 1 Creative Vending from drawersCoordinates: Description of Issue: I haven't played on this server in months but decided to get back to it. I had this upgrade in my ender chest, but when I went to the chest... all the items inside were gone. No this was not the chest where you can dye. The items were like a creative saw thingy which i dont care about and that upgrade which i DO care about. I have a screenshot here before I put it in the chest. Hope you guys understand
  11. Your Name: LookchubTown Name: CraftervillCoordinates: -25, 58, -3394Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 17:00 GMT-4 30/6/20 (Month/day/year)Description of Issue: I am a member of the town Craftervill. I hopped on to the town to do some thaumcraft infusions (thats where all the thaumcraft stuff was). Retired for the night.... woke up and found the base completely griefed with ME system destroyed, lava, water, obsidian, and sewage everywhere. Aura nodes broken some causing big explosions. If you manage to roll back the town pls try to figure out who did this
  12. Your Name: LookchubItem Name + ID + Amount: Awakened Ichorium Sword with looting 3, sharpness 5, and vampirism 2 1 dragon egg Coordinates: Description of Issue: I finished fighting the dragon in the end and i forgot i was in werewolf form. In werewolf form you drop all held items. It forgot this and dropped those multiple items. I care most about those two. Lag clear got to them. I had a magnet ring so i knew that it wasnt just lying there.
  13. Your Name: LookchubItem Name + ID + Amount: Creative tank (the one from the mod that adds lots o tanks)Coordinates: Description of Issue: I had the tank in my inventory. Server restarted... when i logged back on maybe like 3 hours later, several items from my inventory were gone. Idc about any of them except my tank. (P.S. since this is an endgame item, people might not believe me and think that I am lyin... so for more proof... I have the exact same laser gun that the screenshot has.) The tank is on the last slot on the second row of my inventory.Screenshots (Optional):
  14. Your Name: Lookchub Item Name + Amount: 2 Attuned Celestial Crystals (Both are size 900, purity 100, and cutting 100) attuned to Horologium. Please return items to inventory Coordinates: Lost at -30, 218, 3514 Description: I started to attune 2 celestial crystal to Horologium in the attunement altar. However, while the attunement process was ongoing, the server restarted. After which, when I logged back on about ~30 minutes later, the crystals were not on the altar anymore. P.S. Why is my luck so bad with lag clear and the server. ? Screenshot:
  15. I would recommend selling either contenttweaker access cards or galacticraft schematics at spawn shop. Make it expensive if you want. If you do this, please sell the galacticraft boss spawn eggs too or get rid of the quests that require you to kill the bosses. Reason: This is because it is near impossible to find a dungeon on the planets to get a schematic. Firstly, its VERY rare, i have looked for 3 hours straight. Secondly, even if I find one, it will probably be looted. Thirdly, flying around all over Mars will cause a lot of lag (and other planets too) Hope you guys understand!
  16. Your Name: Lookchub Item Name + Amount: 1 infused crystal sword with sharpness 5, unbreaking 3, soulbound, and life stealing 2. Its size, purity, and cutting are max so size: 1800, purity: 100, and cutting:100. Coordinates: Please return Items here (279, 72, 3122) X, Y, Z Items lost here (-24, 218, 3495) Description of Issue: I had my infused crystal sword and tried to increase its size after it had been a little damaged. (To do this, you throw i into a pool of liquid starlight). And then, my friend, lag clear, came along and ruined my life. The sword then disappeared. (I a
  17. Ingame Name: Lookchub Item Name + Amount: Ancient dust; 15 Coordinates: 271(X), 32(Y), 3093(Z) Please place a chest and return the items there at those coordinates Description: Broke a chest to transfer items to ME system. Lag clear. Items gone. Life is bad
  18. Ingame Name: Lookchub Server: DDSS Problem: I try going into the server and it says Connection Lost: Internal Server Error every time. I have been on the server before and Minecraft kicked me out randomly and displayed this message. After which, it always displayed this message. I have tried restarting my game. Reinstalling DDSS. Restarting my computer. I believe that I need a UUID reset which can only be done by staff. This was also suggested by PanzerDivision. Please help.
  19. Name: Lookchub Item Name/Amount: Constellation Papers for Armara and Vicio (2 constellation papers total) Coordinates: 271(X), 32(Y), 3093(Z) Pls return items to those coordinates Description of Issue: I had an astral tome with those constellation papers in it. It was in my inventory. When I logged back on after a restart, it was suddenly gone. I dont care about the tome. I care about the papers.
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