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  1. Can you guys just put it in a chest at my home(same coords as the post)? I have a friend sharing the house with me so if I come back he can give perm. I’m not sure when I’ll get a new account yet
  2. Hi admin, is there a way to transfer my items and everything to a new account? because my current one was hacked so i am unable to retrieve it.
  3. List 70 levels Armor golem leggings #4173 (advanced protection iv , advanced mending, unbreaking iii, ozzy leggings liner) - quality:masterful tide guardian chestplate purple #4621 (adv protection iv, advanced mending, inner berserk iv, unbreaking iii, ozzy leggings liner) Baubles ankh charm #4225 (punishing) dragon's eye #5346 (punishing) shield of honor #6124 stone of the sea #5344 fairy ring #5347 potion ring of regeneration #4205/1 Weapons iced dragonbone strengthened longbow #5156 (adv power v, strafe vi, multishot iii, supreme flame) - quality:legendary iced d
  4. Your Name: drndrndrn Coordinates: -617, 228, 4571 Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 3:32p.m/GMT+8/24-2-2021 Description of Issue: I teleported from raid back to home and died instantly (didn't even loaded the map yet). Lost everything and 70 levels, all the items despawned when i revived except for my curse of possession items.
  5. Your Name: drndrndrn Item Name + ID + Amount: 1 Flamed Dragonbone Halberd #5131 ( advanced mending, supreme sharpness v, education iii, adept ii, mortalitas vii, upgraded potentials, rune piercing capabilities iv, curse of possession) Base Coordinates: -619, 227, 4585 Description of Issue: My halberd disappeared after i teleport from raid to home even though i had curse of possession on it, i checked everywhere even all the chest in my house and the raid location i was at but no luck. Screenshots (Optional):
  6. Your Name: drndrndrn Item Name + ID + Amount: 1 Flamed Dragonbone Halberd (5131) (with mortalitas vii, supreme sharpness v, advanced mending, upgraded potential) Base Coordinates: -633, 228, 4560 Description of Issue: I had just logged in and found out my Halberd had disappeared Screenshots (Optional): (picture from 2 days ago but lost the item today)
  7. yeah i agree, ive seen alot people losing their stuff over server restarts or save
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