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  1. 1 LOST 3 Diamond Backpack soo i dont rebember all itens becasue im construc my base when this happen so i gonna my tools 1 full with ender pearl (normal ender pearl from enderman) 2 8 stack of glowstone from nether 1 builders wand 1 builders gadget 1 draconic staff, 1 draconic axe 1 shovel of wyvern 60 gasth tear 1 crecent hammer 1 water in can 1 ender chest 1 ender tank 1 chisel 3 pack factory block 4 glass 1 experience obelisc i lost a hmeer from thinkers but that i can do
  2. Your Name: Gladiador_PTCoordinates: Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine)3:00am GMT+1 (17/05/2020)Description of Issue: My inventory desaaperar my bags yesterday; i dont log on day 16Screenshots (Optional):
  3. Today i lost my itens and all itens insede my backpakcs ; i search for ever where but all my itnes desapear and i dont die becasue my jetpack stay with me nick: Gladiador_PT
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