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  1. Hi, I would very much prefer to have some villagers spawned in the breeder instead, thank you very much
  2. I will definitely take note of that, thank you Is it also possible for the chests to not be touched for the rollback?
  3. Your Name: LegendarySelloutBase Coordinates: -3370, 64, -6631 Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 1:00 am (UTC+8), 21st May 2020Description of Issue: I have built an underground villager breeder and have breed around 20 villagers after many days of accumulation and effort. After I have logged out yesterday and re-logged back in on today, all my villagers have mysteriously disappeared. I have barricaded up my whole base (no exit and entry point) and claimed it as well. The base is well lit with 0 chance of mobs spawning. I am not sure what happened but I wish to seek help regarding my lost villagers. Thank you very much.Screenshots (Optional):
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