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  1. It's not disabled by the server but by the modpack creator since it causes crashes.
  2. My theory would be that there is this saving data thing that shows in the chat every few minutes. It might have saved my data when I placed my shulkerbox down (which means that the shulkerbox is no longer in my inventory) because I was trading with a villager then when I was done, i picked up my shulkerbox then logged off without the server saving my data of me having the shulkerbox back. Not sure if it is how the saving data thingy works but its just my theory. I've been checking back and forth with that village since last night just in case I misplaced it, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Coords of the village is at -310, 78, 7414, main world. Thanks. Also, about accusing me of having an item that had a creative tag in it, may I know which item it was? I'm so confused since I don't even know or see this Mer_01 guy online. I have only been playing in the server for over a week now so I don't really know much. Thanks again!
  3. Your Name: Laharl69Base Coordinates: 736, 89, 3799Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 8:00pm UTC+8, May 22, 2020Description of Issue: I logged off the server at around 9pm to go take a bath and took a break after and when I logged back in at around 2:00am, I checked my inventory but my shulkerbox filled with emerald blocks, papers and enchanted books were gone. I had around 11 stacks of emerald blocks in that shulkerbox and it would be shame to just lose them like that.
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