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  1. Your Name: Trapped_Soul Item Name + Amount: adv = advanced / prot = protection Enchanted book - Strafe 4 Golem Helmet with adv prot 4, Adv mending, unbreaking Red Sea Serpent Chestplate with adv prot 4, adv mending, strenghtened Vitality V, unbreaking 3 Golem Pants with adv prot 4, adv mending, agility 2, unbreaking 3, Golem boots with adv prot 4 adv mending, High Jump 2, Light Weight 3 ( NOT the one from the "spartan weaponary" mod), Iced Dragon Bone Helberd ( called "Melon Slicer") with Supreme Sharpness 5, Arc Slash 3, Penetration 5, curse of Possession, Upgraded Potentials, Adv Looting 3, Subject P.E. 5, Adv Mending, Education 3, Lifesteal 4, Mortalitas 5, swifter Slashes 5 / Quality = Legendary Dragonbone Axe with adv effiency 4, unbreaking 3, normal mending, instability 1 Dragonbone Pickaxe with effiency 5, unbreaking 3, normal mending, Smelting, Fortune 3 Iced Dragonbone Bow with adv power 5, adv mending, unbreaking 3, arrow piercing 3, rapid fire 2, arrow recovery 3, adv Punch 2, range, strafe 3 Hearty Stone of the Sea / Quality = Undying Hearty Fairy RIng / Quality = Undying Hearty Potion Ring of regenaration / Quality = Undying Hearty ballon / Quality = Undying Hearty ballon / Quality = Undying (yes, 2 times) Hearty Ankh Charm / Quality = Undying Totem of Undying / Quality = Undying Hearty Dragons Eye / Quality = Undying and i got 1 bronze Dragon egg, i selled this, should i Keep or destroy it? Coordinates: 9957, 52, 8053Description of Issue: So i had some shulker`s full of stuff in my e chest and got rollbacked, so they`re gone. Im just asking if its possible to get this stuff back, i dont know exactly what i had in it, but i remember the important stuff. I know that this is very much, but i didnt knew that the e chest gets rollbacked too xD Screenshots (Optional): only one i have too proof that i had the stuff… but you cant see the enchants, btw those guys can proof that i had the stuff xDmething
  2. i got 2 raw chupacabra meat from this reroll xD jk, so the Problem is that i may have said the wrong time. Would you try it again and resett my inv to 16:50? still gmt +2 i think, german time Zone though xD sry for bad english haha
  3. Your Name: Trapped_SoulCoordinates: 9964, 57, 8050Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): gmt +2 / 23.05.2020 / 17:02 Description of Issue: "Fell out of the World" after doing /home in the end
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