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  1. Your Name: MoMoIsEdgy69Item Name + Amount: power armour full set - upgraded with hv capacitors and diamond plating - power tool upgraded with pickaxe and diamond drill bit 4 pnumatic servos almost 2 stacks of diamonds one stack of redtone i think some coal not sure how much i had some other things i cant remeber exactly but i dont think they where importantCoordinates: -1528.94, -2956.17 , 55.62 (54)Description of Issue: i got timed out of the server and when i respawned i spawned in the void and lost everything i had Screenshots (Optional): sorry i dont have any
  2. hey so ive been playing your server for around 11 hours now and i just got timed out when i rejoined i loaded in and fell thru the map and died and lost everyting i was wondering if there was a way to role back my character to just before i died or something its currently 19;48 GMT, i had full power armour all with HV capacitors and 2 stacks of diamonds and redstone and some other items i cant exaclty rememeber but if you could help me out that would be great as yesterday i lost everything from not being able to pick up my stuff as it was in somoene elses area so im kinda pissed ngl
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