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  1. Time 12/20/2020 7:48 am est My baubes went poof all of them after a restart of the server and they werent on the ground after restart even my armor in my decrotive slot vanished.
  2. When you go to my claim now i fixed it up so it doesn't look like anything happened but im still missing certain things
  3. Your Name: AracneADHD Item Name + ID + Amount: Infinite Battery From Cylic, 2 of them Base coordinates: 2585,878 Description of Issue: was iced by a dragon do to lag accident and another was wiped from a dimesional doors pocket dim that got completely poofed my entire base even glitched my chunkloaders but reverser fixed the chunkloaders. also they were both gifts from other players who got them from illuminati pets Edit: This was edited because i already fixed most of my base and this was the only major thing destroyed so i didnt think a rollback was really necessary
  4. Your Name: ArcaneADHD Coordinates: none dont know Time/Timezone/Date (7:25pm est 12/8/2020? Description of Issue: .87 tps killed me right before a restart 2 full health bars to zero and no items ever droped i /backed right before it said restarting to see no items Screenshots (Optional):
  5. by the way i had to get someone with creative to find out that my base had been poofed also i cant play till i can get to all my stuff so please hurry i would greatly appreciate that.
  6. Coordiantes: Private Pocket Dim from Dimmension doors at coords:1038 1037 Time/Timezone/Date 15/4/2020 10:00pm est Description of Issue: well i logged on to find my base wiped off the face of the dim nothing there like it never existed Screenshots (Optional): see discord nach post the dim coords pics
  7. Coordinates: Time/Timezone/Date 12/4/2020 9:50am est Description of Issue: my illuminati triggered invisability on its own never clicked it and i was in lava at the time so i burned so i tpa'd home and tried to get to water but had lava near there and my chestplate and a few other things got destroyed because dyeing to the fire damage. no coords needed just rollback my inventory ill be ofline till then. Screenshots (Optional):
  8. Coordinates: blank Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 9:00pm est 11/11/2020 Description of Issue: Im so done with this third time I died and only half or none of my stuff dropped upon death. literally /back right back, no Tools, armor, or anything and this time only half my stuff dropped and when i got some of it back i died again and it never dropped that time either I'm so f'ing done with this stupid bs this isn't even rlcraft this is the server, three times were to dragons you might want to look into dragons wiping stuff
  9. Your Name: ArcaneADHD Item Name: Crafted Equiment Xphan Spine Level 3, Astaroth Claw level 3, Geo Spear level 3. Base Coordinates: 8229, 86, -8608 Description of Issue: I swear to god a mod is messing with me when items in my inventory disappear and reappear, get deleted on death (without curse of vanishing), and in this case go missing and I've gone through my entire base no luck. Screenshots (Optional):
  10. ok thanks so much again also yes please clear my inventory as well please also the myrmex isnt a nest because i hatched underground its literally a 4 room of stone i dug out no resin and no original nest structure that's generated when you put the egg down above ground
  11. [Claim Removal]*NameOfClaimOwner* Your Name: ArcaneADHD Claim Leaders Name: ArcaneADHD Coordinates of claim (use format xyz: -2518 64 -2806) : Claim members: im the leader and owner just a few poeple there to manage it while i was off on pixelmon Reason for request: want to restart everything i built/did Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): also i would like it wiped not just removed meaning everything in the claim destroyed for a complete restart
  12. in game name Arcaneadhd if possible i would like my character to be reset to square one and to keep my rank of premium. and by character i mean my stats like tool usage and thing like that so i can't use diamond tools from the start. so basically my levels like mining, attack, defense, exc. and my money but i could get rid of that myself
  13. Claim Leaders Name: TwicedubuCoordinates of claim (use format xyz: -3788 72 -2543) : Claim members: I don't know if he's any others.Reason for request: blocking a arc chaliceScreenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended):
  14. Your Name: ArcaneADHDupgraded potentials villager Base Coordinates: -2526 -2802Description of Issue: it glitched out of existance in a loaded chunk while I watched it happed just faded awayScreenshots (Optional): funwitt, mean, and me all saw it also please replace the villager because this 2nd upgraded potentials villager that disappeared spontaneously and I want one god dammit idc if it was more expensive or less of a villager and that was the only enchant on it worth a dam. rollbacking is possible it was in raid world at these coordinates in a 5x5 area around it would work (1124)(
  15. In-Game Nickname: (Xtremegameplay) Time and date: last two days right now its 1:43 7/15/2020 Description of what happened: (Simple is best so spamming rapidity in chat asking for stuff and trying to make unfair trades and doesn't stop when told the rules) Screenshots or Proof: (I don't need proof any time he gets on he's doing it)
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