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  1. Cant upload the video due to size where or how should I submit it?
  2. just got a screen shot with him having a over a total count above 64 of both mystic and legend keys in his inventory.
  3. In-Game Nickname: (lolveelol and others) Time and date:7/7/2020 2:22 and before this Description of what happened: (First someone claiming a rollback had 32 mystic keys in they're inventory then others including lolveelol, starburst and others started opening mass amounts of legendary and other keys including mystics. but lolveelol had a shulker box full of 64 stacks of legendary keys in his inventory Screenshots or Proof: (tried to take a quick screne shot but was to late but got a conversation about him claiming to have burned it) Edit 2: I just got a recording of him duping enchanted books List of eyewitnesses: (everyone on the server at the time)
  4. Your Name: ArcaneADHDCoordinates: Nether at raid spawn portalTime/Timezone/Date 8:25 PM ESTScreenshots (Optional):Couldn't even load the game before death also lag killed me to begin with so ya fun all the damage happened at once.
  5. In-Game Name:ArcaneADHD Server RLCRAFTItem name + Item ID (Item ID optional, but very helpful!):Mystic keys Time & Date 6/29/2020 last nigh basically Description of Issue I obtained the legendaries and vote but didn't receive the other mystic keys I thought it was like the vote key party I did prior where no one got their legendary's but 5m later everyone did, but soon the server decided to restart not 5m after the last time it did and I think that made it not give me my keys. Evidence sorry no evidence but I've bought many crate keys before and no issues other than this one
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