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  1. Your Name : jensenbutton Item Name + Amount : 2 Wyvern Helm 2 Wyvern Chestplate 2 Wyvern Leggings Coordinates : x 3860 z -2024 y 70 Description: I put on to the market place twice a full set of wyvern armor only to find and twice after a restart the full set of wyvern armor excluding the boots to have disappeared completely from the market place. Guess its a bug with the market place. At first I though it was the server didn't save my listing as I put it up only shortly before the restart but the second time confirms this not to be the case. Guess I cant sell wyvern armor on the marketplace. Screenshot(Google Drive Link): https://photos.app.goo.gl/Yzor1DtGSnCdgNck8
  2. Your Name: jensenbutton Item Name + Amount: 18 Notch Apples 1,000 IC2 Cooper 2,000 Gold Ingot 32 Thauminium 128 Bedrockium 100 Nether Stars 130 Mana Steel 1,000 IC2 Tin Coordinates of the missing draws: x 3859 z -2019 y 78 Description of Issue: Some compacting and oak storage draws connected to a storage that were there a few days ago have gone missing I only noticed they were missing yesterday, they have either glitched and disappeared or someone has found a way to bypass the protection I'm not sure what's happened to them neither is Prince or XAssassin2020. Screenshots (Optional):
  3. Ill do that tmr its lake here in the UK, Ill talk to my other town member to get the amount of the item I'm not entirely sure of but I know were in the missing draws.
  4. Ty, I will make a refund request I know few items that were in the draws such as the compacting draws but not all of them as had them concealed most of the time.
  5. When I came on the server today I noticed that some item from the ME System were missing, I assumed as me and Prince were offline and XAssassin was the last on that he'd used the missing resources but there was nowhere for the missing resource to have been logical used and after asking XAssasin he seem as bewilder as me, is there any way to find out what happened to the missing draws. Did they glitch or did someone find a way to bypass the protection? Image : https://photos.app.goo.gl/kTAPwZtWXkVtSfG38
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