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  1. Your Name: Weezybaby01Item Name + ID + Amount: Green Amphithere (mob)Base Coordinates: -2398, 83, 6419Description of Issue: After several hours of searching for a green colored amphithere to finish my collection of colors, I finally found one and proceeded to tame it and start bringing it back to my base. While on the way back I was flying straight because typically the amphitheres don’t despawn out from under you like the soulbound mobs, and I saw the message for “Saving-Data”, a small pause, and when it said “data save complete” I was kicked off my amphithere only to watch it disappear from my screen. I have since looked for several more hours to no avail and would like to request one. Also you can take a look around my base if you’re feeling snoopy I put a lot of effort into making it nice
  2. (Weezybaby01) This happened outside my base; I was showing xxdogeboixx and stove123456789 the amphitheres I was breeding when mrkiller suddenly showed up holding something saying he had a “powerful weapon” when we all went outside he asked us all to come to the gate, outside my claim and when we did he shot both stove and dogeboi with a wraith sigil (they had iron armor) and he did not stop so I summoned an ignibus and killed him outside the gate. When he did /back to get his stuff he also stole an item from each player he killed, a helmet and 6 dragon blood.
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