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  1. Hello Jared had illegal stuff and he used it to kill me and you have the proof of the photo where he says it was his, and he gave it to me but I never used it, I just took a screenshot to report him. I found the dragon eggs in the end and I caught them but I didn't think it was illegal and I don't know how to dubbs. The potions in the chest I didn't want to give them to HowYouLikeThatBP because I wanted to store some kind of living proof because the other stuff was going to be removed but I could never contact an admin but since they are never connected and I didn't use them for anything
  2. They do not ban a user who had more than 10 illegal objects and which one of them put in my chest then they banned me but he was not banned. The user has a shulker with the ilegal potions but the shulker was removed by a Sponsor.
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