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  1. you try to kill me by fly everybody saw you CobAlt_35 and BabelUno_
  2. You are not innocent too, you tried to kill me by flying
  3. You was CLEARLY hacking i have video dont pretend to be innocent you'll never get smart
  4. in assassins craft DiosaSolaria hacking he get 10 days banned before but still hacking
  5. my golden shovel steves rod and epic horse disappeared from my chest for no reason can i geti it back? https://prnt.sc/vapue3
  6. Im not try to kill you before and im using hacks for DiosaSolaria. Because hes hacking thats not fair you are racism my cauntry and called me terorist.We did not have the right too call me a terorist because im turkish, just like you do my cauntry racism. And when im spawn you are killed me with bomb sometimes you know.
  7. hello HowYouLikeThatBP insulate me and recist my cauntry before he never stop insulate me pls do something https://prnt.sc/v3bdz4
  8. xCemal_Efex


    DiosaSolaria hacking on this server what can i do?
  9. i got scammed pls help i just gift my clock just pls he are sponsor+ i need it dont give it back just give me a new one
  10. How do i know he stole it i just trusted him pls
  11. im playın assassins on this server and i gift my scyte clock and he quit pls give back my clock
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