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  1. good for you buddy but if you want to get to baltop then wipe and getting new players to leave the server is the worst thing for u to happen
  2. and then the people who wanted the wipe will go play whatever it is they were playing before just like any other time after a week or so. so instead of keeping the current active players of Infinity who actually play and vote there, you want to tell them to fuck off so some people can play Infinity (btw u can already play) and then disappear. no wonder this server is so dead with only the same faces everyday
  3. That's your own fault and people who are already playing on the server shouldn't have their own stuff wiped just because you want to get into the server suddenly. Last wipe vote was 2 months ago which was also rejected, so you atleast have a month or two of playtime before another vote. Stop whining and if you actually like the server then play on it.
  4. Server map for anyone that can't be bothered to take more than 2 steps outside spawn Funny that you mention that btw, we quit playing last wipe as well because of this very reason and believe me it was much more than just "one week" of progress. Go ahead tho, wipe the server so you and your buddies can play on it for max 2 weeks before leaving. No one needs new players or growth anyway.
  5. Forum activity =/= Infinity activity Also some people you list as inactive still play on the server to this day, for example quickblades. Haven't seen you around tho. This "no place for a base" is just an excuse, within minutes of joining the server I found empty land to claim and so did new players that came after me. I really don't understand what you have to gain from this wipe. You're not getting any new vote traffic either because you're already voting, just switching on a different server. Infact, I might say you're losing it because I know atleast 6 people that will stop
  6. Not sure what you mean about "registered on IE", we're 4 friends playing on the server and have been active everyday for the past week and pretty much anyone active on the server can confirm that, my in-game name is NikkyBlack. Also I've literally never had any problems with TPS in game or ping. EDIT: Btw what you failed to show in your list is the activity of players who voted "YES". I think that's very important to know when making a decision like this. This is very ironic to say when the vast majority of players who voted "YES" aren't active on Infinity right now.
  7. Because you're just killing the community. If you want a personal wipe you can always request a /regen that's what I'm saying. And if you're saying that's too much trouble for the staff then maybe the staff is either undermanned or not active enough. People will just drop the server because they can't be asked to put effort into projects if they're just going to be wiped anyway. I've been playing everyday for this week and I've noticed a lot of new players coming on and getting started, people donating to get a small boost, voting everyday for the keys, etc. Also, if it's an in-game
  8. So you want to wipe an entire server's progress just because you can't be bothered to start fresh by yourself? Now that's b.s Also they don't vote "don't care" because no one who voted yes is actually active on the Infinity server. Hold an in-game vote, then the results will be very different
  9. This vote is unfair imo. People who have nothing to lose/aren't playing on this server will simply vote yes because they don't care whereas people who are actually active on Infinity and play the modpack won't want the wipe..
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