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  1. My quest book reset now, only need reset archivements
  2. My archivements and quest book no @Kaszanka_1234
  3. My archivements and quest book no
  4. @eytixis My name in game is CastellMC24
  5. My name in game is CastellMC24
  6. Hello i want start the new in gtnh and need reset my hearts for the mod eats and my levels plis
  7. in the .minecraft i have not the folder with crash, why no is a crash is a error in the conection
  8. I am trying for 4 hours to the server but I am unable to try how to connect but it never succeeds I always get these types of problems with 1.12.2 and the mods give me a java.exception error and I don't know what to do if they can give me a solution I would appreciate it
  9. I put with creative
  10. Has basuc wood cutter, side chest, nternal storage and coal engine
  11. Lobiita I've disappeared my cart cutting trees from steves carts 2
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