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  1. Your Name: DarkMegaChar009 Item Name + Amount: All my baubles had the Hearty attribute: Dragon eye , Fairy Ring, ankh charm, stone of the sea, and a vitamin. For my armor I had 2 pieces of golem armor being my chest piece and helmet with the enchants of prot 4 on the chest piece, unbreaking, advanced mending, and for the helmet similar enchants. I had a Legendary Fire dragon blood weapons being a saber, bow , pickaxe, and another pickaxe which were enchants with range, power 4, unbreaking (for my bow). My saber had nothing. My pickaxes was almost maxed out and my other just had silk touch. I
  2. Title: The clan base has been grieved Minecraft Username: DarkMegaChar009 Time and Date: 7:16 PM 6/10/21 Description of what happened: I logged into Rlcraft and spawned into the base where I logged off. I noticed straight away that a wall was blown off and the 2 villagers that were in our base that sold specific enchants were dead. Also, there is still bedrock surrounding the base. Screenshots (Or anything else) of Proof https://imgur.com/a/5FrlfRi List of eyewitnesses Skiosep
  3. Title: our clan leader untrusted us and has locked us out of all of our items mincraftplayerik Minecraft Username: DarkMegaChar009 Time and Date: 3:39 PM 6/9/21 Description of what happened: I logged into Rlcraft and proceeded to exit the clan house when I noticed I couldn't open the door. The chat said I didn't have the permission to do so. When I opened the door I noticed that while the door was open for about a second there was bedrock behind it. The whole base was surrounded and any chest or interactable block wasn't available to anyone besides Mincraftplayerik. Screenshots (
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