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  1. Your Name: Goddeathbringer Item Name + ID + Amount: Cave Illuminator Coordinates: X -5146 Y 200 Z 3442 Description of Issue: I broke the cave illuminator with my pick and it disappeared, I tried relogging but that didn't work. In the screenshot you can see a hole, there was a quartz block there that I broke at the same time and that disappeared too, I don't want the quartz block back, its just strange both things disappeared. I don't have global traveler on my pick. Screenshots (Optional):
  2. Your Name: Goddeathbringer Item Name + ID + Amount: 2x Gas upgrades Mekanism, 16x Energy upgrades Mekanism, 16x Speed upgrades Mekanism Coordinates: X -5141 Y 152 Z 3462 Description of Issue: I upgraded enrichment chamber, crusher, chemical injection chamber, and purification chamber to basic factory ones and all my upgrades disappeared from the machines. I didn't know that was going to happen, I looked if there was a warning like when you upgrade the backpack you need to remove items or it'll disappear, but there isn't any warning for mek machines. Screenshots (Optional):
  3. Nvm with the refund, I just won the bontania set 3 times so i got 3 tablets.
  4. Your Name: Goddeathbringer Item Name + ID + Amount: 1 Mana Tablet Coordinates: X -5157 Y 166 Z 3458 Description of Issue: I was filling a mana pool with a mana tablet, when i clicked the mana pool with the forest wand to check how much mana the pool had the tablet disappeared.
  5. Your Name: Goddeathbringer Coordiantes: X -5145 Y 164 Z 3466 Time/Date: around 2:00 am 12/7/2021 Description of Issue: I just looked at my farm and I'm missing 15 fertile soil from rustic and a few mystic seeds, I don't what they where though because i planted them a while ago. Can the chunk be rolled back and not the entire claim, i did some stuff and collected resources in the main part of my base and don't want to lose that progress.
  6. Goddeathbringer Item: 1 x Fluxomagnet Creative, won from mystic crate. Coords X -5142 Z 3446 Y 159 I was using the magnet to create power with the Enervation Dynamo, I installed Disjunctive extraction augment to increase power out put but after a minute it stopped working. I enchanted the magnet to see if that would help and then it disappeared after a minute.
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