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  1. You might say that if i had golem armour i could just make a new set well no , i could have if it went for AkiThunder who friking stole everything from all my chests including all my runes i did restock but not the runes i dont have the runes cuz i haven't found anymore yet well i found 3 but they arnt for anything golem
  2. Ive discussed this situation with Asood and Cat and Kaklemo on the server and discord because they are the people who im most good friends with to who can do something about it and Cat has helped me she even helped me to make my sword well she helped a lot in the development of the sword so if you want anymore information on its existence then ask Cat also cat can verify my bow and my armour too she battled me and i showed every weapon and armour to her to check if i needed more so she did help in the creation of my bow , magician and I did make it but i just got verification from cat to double check if it was doing good for a bows enchants and she also saw my armour well everyone knows i have good golem armour mine even is better than Cats ik cuz we showed each other our armour to see what i needed for it. Cat along with asood knew my armour got curses and i never put them on Btw Curse of holding i didnt put it on Cat knows that and he person who put curses on my armour also put it on my sword i don't know how that is possible but i 100% did not put curse of holding but everything else i did well Cat and I did.
  3. The sword is easy enough to find if you can search through peoples inventories it is on DarkShinobi3 inventory thats the last person to be in possession of it before my game crashed and it got lost along with him
  4. I Don't have screen shots of my armour but its ok if you don't want to help i can just get Cat or Asood to make me a fresh set of enchanted golem Cat ik will hapily make me a new set so if you dont want to help i can just ask her to get them back for me its ok but ide have it sooner rather than later before anything else kills me
  5. Idk if this would help probably doesn't but my bows name was ( BOW OF INFERNAL SOULS) idk how much that will help but hopefully you can find my bow somewhere with that name
  6. Your Name: YABOIPLAZ Item Name + ID + Amount: My Sword , Golem Armour, Bow Base Coordinates: -3924 , z , 1246 Description of Issue: I was showing my sword to DarkShinobi3 but my game crashed and when i got on my sword was gone and he had disconnected soo ya i just lost it plz can i get it back it should be on him because it has curse of possession so he couldn't loose it but i have screenshots of it if you need also my golem armour my mate and i were doing pvp for fun but we said no medusa head and what do you know he was loosing but he pulled out medusa head and killed me but the worst thing was earlier i talked to asood about this problem but someone hit me with a weapon that puts curses idk who did it but my chest , legs and boots had curse of vanishing because of that person who hit me so when i died they were gone but my helmet didn't have curse of vanishing but it had curse of binding and now my golem helmet is stuck to my head again , My bow someone stole or it glitched from my inventory because I've searched all my chests and its not there i can't remember the enchants but it is a copy of magicians bow cuz he made it for me ( he's one of m friends he put all the enchants ha had on his bow on mine although i put some on myself) but can i get my weapons back plz my bow is a ice bow sadly i don't have a screen shot of it only magicians one which he told me to take when we went to get the enchants for my bow for some reason i cant attach the screenshots idk why but i talked to asood on the discord about this. Just saying my saber is most likely on DarkShinobi3 it is named God Sword My bow is a exact replica of Magicians cuz we made it together to be the same as his My golem armour is the same just basic enchants , (adv proc 4, adv mending, curse of possession , unbreaking 3 Adv thorns 3 ( chest had Strengthened vitality 5 and inner berserk 4 ) ( legs had agility 2) boots had high jump 2 , btw please dont put curse of vanishing on my armour that wasn't me who did it idk who did but idk someone hit me at some point and i didnt seem to realise for a while.
  7. Your Name: YABOIPLAZ Item Name + ID + Amount: My God Saber (enchanted) Base Coordinates: -3924 , z , 1246 Description of Issue: I think my games messed up in the head at this point and it probably hates me too. I just lost a God Saber that I've been working to getting for ages seriously my friend Oskiko4 and I collected all the books for this I already did have some but seriously it took a lot time to find these and trade with villagers we found in the raid world it also took so many Xp tomes to make this and I was soooo excited to use it , what happened pissed me off so much. my friend offered himself so i can test the Saber I took 1 swing and my game crashed seriously and when I relogged back in turns out my friend was fine but i had died because he had all my stuff turns out i died from idk what killed me because i had fricking golem armour my game I think just hates me at this point we cant make another we are clean out of emeralds and Xp and the books too please we worked so hard to make this now all I got is my old halberd which is good but not that good idk why my game crashed can you check is any of those enchants are bad ones i was just trying to go by recommendations in enchants for a Saber given by other people but i still don't know why it killed me and the saber was gone when i relogged it didn't drop well it didn't drop pickable my friend said he saw the saber on the ground but it wasn't anywhere i could see but i think it was glitched because he couldn't pick it up same happened to him earlier with his weapon too like i was it but it wasn't able to be picked up and only one that could see his one was me but he couldn't see it so please please can we get a refund because we worked so hard to make it. We worked so much to make it buying books from people but the hardest to find was the rune enchants i had 3 of them but they are not the easiest to find and we struggled so much trying to get the things to make a strong weapon so please can anyone help us we can't find all this stuff and the xp to make another so can we please get our original one back im sorry for bothering you just my game hates me soo much
  8. Your Name: YABOIPLAZ Item Name + ID + Amount: Hearty Dragons eye ( Punishing ) , Half hearted Stone of greater inertia ( Undying ) , Ankh Shield ( Shielding) Base Coordinates: -3924 , z , 1246 Description of Issue: I don't know what happened in the raid world but i think it reset while i was in it because i instantly died for no reason like out of no where i died if it weren't for SGamer then i would've lost everything buy thankfully he some hoe by a miracle he found my death point and most of my stuff and gave them back all i lost was some unimportant baubles but these 3 are ones i cant afford to loose at this time could i please get a refund on them , it doesn't matter if their not exactly the qualities they were before but as long i can get them back at some point in time it would definitely help , i cant point to what killed me i still don't know but it wasn't a dragon because my armour was not damaged at all and my dragons eye stopped me from burning but there went any flames , all i can think of was it reset while i was in the world because i knew there would be a reset but people on the server said that it would come in few hours but idk there isn't much that can insta kill me other than a really strong player nothing in the wild could have possibly killed me so ya. ( I know i didn't die from hunger or water because even if i loose all of those i don't loose hp)
  9. Your Name: YABOIPLAZ Item Name + ID + Amount: Golem armour set ( enchants : curse of possession , advanced protection 4 , advanced mending 5 ( boots had advanced feather falling 4) there were more enchants but that's all i can remember Base Coordinates: -3930 , z , 1249 Description of Issue: I lost golem armour to a guy called Aki so me and my friends were on the server and Aki came and started beating us up he had creative mode somehow because he took no damage when we fought back and he was flying without fairy wings and he killed all of us over and over he broke all of your armour , and then i had to suck his penis just so he wouldn't hurt my friends anymore and in chat he kept saying suck harder and it was so embarrassing i cried for weeks because if what he did and he hurt me a lot even in real life he hurt me that day , one of my friends used the runes i found to make me that armour and he enchanted for me too his name is ShadowSenpai but i lost everything because of Aki id there any way you can fix this i was humiliated in front of the whole server that day can you please fix this because i am still emotionally drained from what he did to me. He took everything from me i mean he completely destroyed me not just physically but emotionally also now i have nothing all because Aki killed us while in creative i mean its not fair if they have crate thy shouldn't be allowed to kill others for sport its just not right.so please is there anything you can do to help please i'm desperate now
  10. Your Name: YABOIPLAZ ( But it was my friend LadyDarkJester with the problem) Item Name + Amount: shulker box full of bones Base Coordinates: -2080 , 4942 Description of Issue: Hey so my friend LadyDarkJester lost a shulkerbox full of bones and he really wants to get it back this happened 4 days ago and he has asked many admins but they wouldn't listen to him and he worked really hard to get the bones but they are now gone is there anything you can do for him he is really in need of then now more than ever so can you please help him out please Screenshots (Optional):
  11. Your Name: YABOIPLAZ Item Name + Amount: 1 Red fire dragon egg , 1 sapphire Ice dragon egg Coordinates: -2971 , 4944 Description of Issue: i placed my fire egg down and i ignited it with fire but it disappeared so i relogged multiple times but it wasn't in my inventory or the ground it had gone , same with ice egg but i bought the ice egg the next day but the same thing happened the strange thing is I have had 3 other eggs which have had successful hatches but my other 2 are gone please can you do anything to bring back my babies they mean a lot to me
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