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  1. I just found out that the item is not supposed to exist in the modpack and is banned by Shivaxi. You can't put "Ancient Sealed Curses" on your weapons, it doesn't work i tested it. The Problem is, that Premium+ Members which have access to creative mode, can get the enchant from creative mode and put it on their swords. So they basically used a creative mode only item which is not allowed according to the servers rules. I don't think some of the Premium+ Members did it on purpose tho, i think they just put it on their sword not knowing, that it is a creative only item. Is their any way to remove the enchant from Premium+ Members swords? Because this enchant, as i said earlier, really ruins the PvP experience.
  2. Dear Craftersland Server Team, I'd like to complain about the enchantment "Ancient Sealed Curses" on the RLcraft server from the Mod "Rin's so many enchantments?". It is completly ruining the PvP experience on the Server and i'd like to suggest to put this enchantment on the banned Items List. The enchantment puts random curses on the enemies Gear upon hitting the enemy. I think i don't have to explain why this completly ruins the game experience on the Server. You can just run around with a Sword enchantet with "Ancient Sealed Curses" and ruin everyones Gear they have grinded many hours for. I would appreciate if you could take into consideration to remove this item. Thanks for Reading my Post Kind regards Dionos10
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