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  1. [Town Removal]*MServers* Your Name: ND_Sandman Town Name: MServers Coordinates of Town: +2648 -3365 72 is one area Town members: 1 Reason for request: 4 months 23 days 18 hours not online Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended):
  2. Sunday the 8th. or Monday the 9th. 0730am Central Time North America.
  3. The second set of coords was for new square box that I have been using. only half is missing and inside items and chests on wall gone
  4. In order for our and your convenience, please copy paste this template and fill in the information when making your rollback request topic.For your topic name, use [Town Rollback Request]*YourName* Your Name: ND_Sandman and ND_JackSparrow Town Name: Insert_Town_Name_HereCoordinates: /t spawn is 2472 -3287 67 4 corners are 2543 3232, 2543 -3327, 2336 -3327, 2336 -3232Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Sunday 8th 2019 Description of Issue: World Edit entire town removed, claimed new land next to this to keep playingScreenshots (Optional): Land is as was before we moved out here. Coordinates:2511 -3231, 2511 -3216, 2496 -3216, 2496 -3231 Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine)I was on this morning all was fine, now it looks like 2 days worth of voting and tree harvesting gone Description of Issue:Looks like a rollback or world edit .. that erased 2 days worth of work. chest from voting gone items missing etc ..
  5. Please make the title of your post [Buycraft Issue]*ND_Sandman* In game name: ND_Sandman Proof of Purchase: Paypal and ingame email shown below. Description of Issue: When I place the first four in a chest the all became cow Date/Time of Purchase:August 19, 2019 Items/Rank Bought:Bought 5 mob spawners: Cow, Chicken, Sheep, Skeleton and Zombie all are cows now. Screenshots (Optional): Any other important information: Think Rei's minimap shows +2386 -3272 64 or 65 as grid coords to my now 5 chests. Contact me if you have an questions. used 8YEARS coupon as well. Proof of purchase includes: PayPal Receipts, Transaction ID, and The Confirmation Email you received
  6. I bought 5 spawners using chrome, all arrived. then put in chest the all became cow spawners. This is what I needed. 1 Cow (Have) 1 Chicken 1 Sheep 1 Skeleton 1 Zombie Do I hold them in my inventory or place in Chests ?
  7. In game name: ND_Sandman Proof of Purchase: None as of restarting Description of Issue: Tried to buy Mob Spawner Kit on the Tekkit Server. There is no add button. Date/Time of Purchase: not aval. on 08/14/19 through 08/17/19 Items/Rank Bought: looking to add cow and maybe sheep spawner kit Screenshots (Optional): Any other important information:
  8. I forgot you have more than one type of server running. I will post this under Tekkit. Thank You!
  9. ND_Sandman

    Ist Das Ganja?

    Funny thought ganja was a tern used in America, nice to know other countries use it too.
  10. I am not sure, how many times I have seen a video that can't be unseen. Funny how weird things have gotten to be published as an ad. This one is funny and weird at the same time. I agree it really got weirder when the puppymonkeybaby started licking. LOL
  11. Thank You for taking the time to make this video. Because of the this video I am going to have to try skyfactory 2.5. You showed and explained things I would have not know to try. Thanks again!!
  12. I guess for pet lovers, I can see how it would be funny. Non pet lovers, well they most likely don't like any pet videos LOL
  13. I purchased 10 spawners and all was good, I received everything I purchased. When I moved them from one chest to a new chest they all became villager spawners, 9 of them are not what they were when purchased anymore. Not sure if this a glitch you have seen before. Not sure what info you need from me to assist you in this trouble shooting. I will wait to hear from you if you need more info. IGN: ND_Sandman
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