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Content Id Sucks


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I uploaded a video on youtube and yet Some troll called "SME" thinks it will be funny to Block my video's on some lands...
i mean really?
its just a second online and someone already says its them...
whats the point of that?
my channel is a Gaming channel So How should i khow whats not allowed?
its pointless...completly pointless
what i hear on my computer will be recorded by my screencapture automatic
so whats the point?

that contentID of youtube SUCKSĀ 
Its bad as it only Targets Weaker Youtube channels without any reason...
and what can i Do?
notthing Completly NOTTHING
just watch my video's gets a Money maker in them without giving me Any Money or Getting blocked without any reason to do so
and if i Try to say its not my fault i will get charged for Thiefing,my channel is gone, and even my live if my perents finds out

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