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Attack Of The Ancients


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Main Idea:


Attack of the Ancients is a modpack that I am currently developing. It introduces you to ancient technology that help evolve agriculture, leadership, building civilizations and warfare. The modpack gives you a snapshot of what living during the ancient times is like. The mod does not necessarily focuses on one ancient civilization and instead introduces you to different civilization and ages. With this feature, players are then given the choices on what path to take. Either learn the ancient art of the Egyptians or the innovative minds of the Romans or even combine all the knowledge to create your very unique civilization. It is also possible for players to start their own civilization with other players, build armies and conquer other civilizations on the server. 


Mods so far:


AgeCraft: http://goo.gl/cvWzVb

Ancient Warfare 2: http://goo.gl/PPBeMm



My main goal is too finish the modpack itself because I think its a really cool idea and possibly a fun modpack to play. The thing is I'm gonna need help to develop this. Your suggestions are necessary even if its a mod that could be related to this or helping me develop it, etc. Basically I'm asking for your help :) hit me up if you got ideas!

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