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[Space Factions] Breakable Obsidian By Tnt


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I guess the first question is: why?

Because it absolutely takes out TNT cannons out of the ecuation. The thing about obsidian bases is that you can make unraidable bases. And this is never good for a faction server. Unraidable bases promote people that infiltrate in other bases in order to raid because it becomes the only viable option.


And this is not good because it will divide the server into a lot of small factions because nobody can trust nobody. We can already see this on the server where with the exception of 2-3 factions who actually recruit friends there are not really big factions.


Now you might say that you can raid obsidian bases with withers. This is not true. Withers will attack entities and if you have no animals in your base you will be fine.


Another thing is that most big faction servers have this. If people who have huge factions servers decided that is a good idea it might be true.


Now obviously obsidian will be way more resistent than other blocks but it should still be breakable with a lot of TNT.


Now the best plugin for that is: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/obsidiandestroyer.1625/

This plugin is great and it was made for factions. But there is a catch. It costs 15 USDs. Now if the money is the only problem I can donate those 15 bucks just to make the server better.




Edit: I need a confirmation from Brunyman or someone who manages plugins before I donate to make sure that you guys are even want the plugin.

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Obsidian destroyer is on github I think so you can just compile it yourself for free. I've never been on space factions and I don't know how it's set up but obsidian destruction is usually mandatory for faction servers so im suprised it doesn't have it unless bruny has plans for obsidian in the future

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