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Project Unban


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i am getting Sick of unfair games or Admins ambushing other games (like roblox or Robocraft)

so thats why i wanna start it now

So Project unban is a Project i have in mind to Regain player rights to play who have been unfair banned 

one great exemple of it is 

That one guy Called Noob1 is insulting anyone on game

Then he starts a fight with Noob2 but instant that the Causer of it gets banned (Noob1)

then Noob2 who trys to defend hisself gets banned for "insulting" while Noob1 can keep playing 

this unfairness is what i Cant Bear to have on games

so thats why i start this 

Project unban will act like a Judge to Games and a player Who played the games but got banned for a Unfair reason

at first i will see by the story of the game and the player to see if the ban is valid

if it does Not i will try to get that player Unbaned or something along that 

it might seems to be a Rather Big project But i think its worth it 

What do you think about that Idea?

(This has Notthing to do with Craftersland cause i khow Craftersland wont Do such thing as Unfair bans) 

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I also don't fully understand this topic but if you think you were banned unfairly you can always make a ban appeal


like games on roblox some player put in a ban script to ban players

but some players are always misusing it

in the case of my

Noob insluted me (and anyone in-game)

so i told him to shut up 

but then the noobs Admin friend comes in 

Bans me of the server without any reason

Just cause noob ask him to do that...

(BTW i can get in that Game using a ALT account on roblox)

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