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[Tekkit][1.7.10] World Automation V1.3A Released!


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Hey guys! I've just pushed out an update to the World Automation pack today, after the Technic outage appears to be over. Here's a screenshot of what's new in this update: http://i.imgur.com/4guKvki.png


First off, I've fixed the vending mod. Before it wasn't working at all, but now we have vending blocks available in this update. There is now the "Multiple Vending Block" which is new versus Tekkit 1.6.4, which allows you to sell multiple items in exchange for one item, within one block. 


JABBA, EnderTech, and Tinker's Construct have been added as well. I know, Tinker's Construct doesn't really fit well into a "tech" pack, but it adds some valuable information to Waila, as you can see in the screenshot above. It allows you to see the "mining level" required to harvest a block, which can help you see whether your modded tool can break certain blocks. JABBA is great for storing things at entry and more advanced levels. EnderTech is a small mod that adds wireless charging (stand on top, and your RF items charge) and wireless healing (again, stand on top and you are healed).


I removed the Backpacks mod for now due to the missing textures that don't look like they'll be fixed anytime soon. Project Red (which is still included) has its own backpacks that you can use instead. I've also included configuration changes to hopefully make gameplay faster. Extra facades and microblocks have been removed from NEI, so instead of 78 pages of stuff to scroll through, you only have 19, which has been much faster in my tests!


Also some small addons for NEI have been added, such as being able to directly "copy" recipes into the AE Pattern Encoder without having the items!  Also new, more recipes are supported in NEI! Most handy (to me at least) is that you can see the exact percentage chances that certain laser focuses have for certain ores!


I'm hoping this update makes the pack faster and more user-friendly overall! As always, try to break it, and if you can, tell me how you did it. You can download this modpack by searching for "World Automation" in the Technic Launcher or by going to this address: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/cl-updt.747803/


Note: If you can't access the Technic website, it is because their host is currently under a Denial-of-Service (or DoS) attack, so their datacenter is down. Hopefully it will be fixed in a day or two.


Thanks for reading and happy new year everyone!

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They do have builds for 1.7.10 that haven't been updated in 7 months :P I can experiment with it and see if they've fixed any of the bugs that are in 1.6.4.

You could use ProjectE, it has EMC for every item in the gane(including modded items) + a lot more stuff than EE3 atm.

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