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There are 3 problems here and some recommandations.
First one is that there is nobody on the Crafter's Land Chatango chat, and you should connect it to the minecraft servers.

Second one is that i tried doing /is reset and /is restart and it showed me an error with red: "An error occured attempting this command."
Third one is that i disconnected from the server and it doesn't let me relog, saying that "Same nick is already playing", even though i disconnected through the "Disconnect" button, not the Client's "X" button. (File attached)

The recommandations are that you should turn on KeepInventory or make an infinite storage for people that died and want to get their items back at a cost, unless they need those items, so that they don't have to restart (reset) the island. Also, Some admins on the server and on the irc should be good.


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