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Lost 3 Dragon Hearts

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I killed a couple of ender dragons, and got 3 hearts. My inventory was pretty full and i needed some charged draconic blocks, so i put everything i had in my inv including the 3 dragon hearts into my me system. And yes i am 100% sure i had the dragon hearts.. I grabbed some draconic blocks to go and charge them. It was at this point i disconnected. No big deal, i disconnect all the time, but this time when i connected back in. my dragon hearts and draconic blocks were missing from my inventory and me system. I didnt get back any resurection stones or anything either, so it wasnt a rollback.

Forgot to take more screenshots, sorry, But feel free to check my me system for either awakened draconium or dragon hearts

- Ragge_



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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