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Transfer Rank Of Alexrp04 To Sasuke0711 (Sponsor Rank)


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I want to spend the Sponsor Alexrp04 range to account for issues sasuke0711 a friend robbed the premium account Alexrp04





images of the range: https://imgur.com/a/iPEhw


and on this subject I declare today: https://imgur.com/HubEE6k



Brunyman good now will clarify everything. if it is true I am not the owner of the real account, I'm your best friend Alexrp04 and gave me his account craftersland Alexrp04 (Sponsor Rank) and I buy a premium account that the account would have to be the mail: fredericvelasco11@hotmail.com / and password: 150618fvwv / this that account lend it to a friend named ✔ * • • ✔ iTz_HyperPVP and me stolen account and for these reasons I am asking TRANSFER range thanks

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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