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Inappropriate Ban

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Earlier today I got banned for a second time.
The reason I got banned was "second offense claim killing".
did anyone die? no. I did not kill that guy, I shot his cow.
I shot multiple flaming arrows at the cow and they thought I aimed at [sponsor] some guy. I told them I was aiming a the cow but they would not listen. A couple of weeks ago I got accused for "treating other players like shit, luring, claim killing".
Treating other players like shit? Oke. I killed some people but that's allowed.
Luring? I know what it means but I don't have any candy and I do not ask people to tp to me and kill them. Explane that one to me please.
Claim killing. I have never claim killed someone. Most of the people who say I did claim kill, just hate me.
And djgaz180 you say that you saw me claim killing that guy with the redstone jetpack, but I did not, unless his town is called the wilderness. I killed him when he was flying above some island in the middle of nowhere.
So my question is: what is the real reason I got banned?
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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