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User Auction Scamming


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User : Thebossperson

When did this happen : Approximately at 8:30 PM July 8 2016

Proof : 







Extra Info : The screenshots are parts of chat where I spoke with him to get him to refund he finally refunded the full price but I am requesting his auction permissions be revoked for this infraction. He said it was chests which isn't much but what is stopping him from saying a stick is awakened drac or something of that origin? I apologize for the disjointedness of these screenshots I only took them after he refunded because I didn't think of it. 


Auction info : He auctioned 10 chisels in saying they were chests instead of the chisels. I had recently auctioned 10 chisels so he reauctioned my items and had me buy them when I said I needed a few chests. When I called him on it he attempted to say I lied and said it wasn't chisels etc when if you check the logs you can easily see I said "10 chisels Idk where I got them" when I auctioned them. The 

'chests' showed as unknown so I figured it was a mod chest so atleast iron in nature is why I purchased it.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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