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[Space Factions] Regarding Cobwebs


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First of all thanks for the very fast response on the Ice thingy on the previous thread.


Now in the last thread you said that you can obtain cobwebs from mob spawners. This is not true in vanilla minecraft. Now except the case where you have a custom recipe for it then there is actually no way to get it from a mob spawner.


Here is a quote from minecraft wiki:


Cobwebs can be obtained by clipping them with shears. It will also drop itself if broken with a sword enchanted with Silk Touch.[fn 1] It will drop 1 piece of string if broken with a (non-Silk Touch) sword, if water touches or flows over it, or if a piston pushes it. It will drop nothing when broken using anything else.





As you can see it is stated that you have to break an already existing one. Now the mob spawners do not generate any cobweb so yea. There is no way of getting it.




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