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Clarification On Rules


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Well, I got banned for duping and the reason was I had 5 mining turtles with the same name in my me system.  Now, I wasn't duping DrCheeseTaco just saw them in my me system.  Also, he said my me system suggests heavy duping.  And I still haven't been able to get my stuff back since my base got griefed by someone in creative mode.




I think maybe the rules should say something like (Don't make computercraft turtles with the same name or you will get banned) or


Make it clear how your me system looks like heavy duping so I can throw away stuff so it doesn't look like that and I don't get banned.  I worked real hard to get my items, I'd rather just make a me system up to spec so I don't get banned if you know what I mean.




Maybe if the staff sees that they try to catch you actually duping so there is real proof, or ask you why things are like they are, instead of banning you when you are MINING, not DUPING.

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