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[Unban] [Jairo225]


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Oh, you delete the imgur, good


Well, this was happens, i was in acv1 and jario told to me "look this converstaion with lalalaalala2", i see the converstaion and i see that in the photos that jairo send me he was having ghost client, so i told to him "why u have ghost client" and he told to me i only use xray, so i ban him and 1 day later u make a post and delete this imgur to annoy* me...

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I saw the photos, you was having hacks and you try tell me that u dont leave of spawn but you was having and you told to me that u was having xray, adria_2002 and other user can confirm this



Ban amplified to 14 days for lying to the staff.
Ban request denied and days added to the ban.
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