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Crafter's Land Servers you play: Main Direwolf20   Secondary but not so often SF 

Location:U.S.A. Est timezone 

A short description of yourself: Hi I'm a very laid back guy that just likes to have fun i live by Honor, respect and patience I'm a look at things from outside the box kinda guy and asses the different angles of situations before acting upon it unless its a forced no time to asses situation then comes instinct overall     if anyone evr sees me on and has a question just ask and I'm always willing to help to the best of my ability ill nvr turn a blind eye cause i believe in karma what goes around comes around  do onto others as u want done onto u :)

Hobbies and interests: mechanics,gaming,hunting,riding the trails at high speeds living on the edge , and helping ppl it feels good but don't get me wrong i don't allow ppl to just walk on me everyone gets a chance but they blow it its hard to earn my trust and respect back

Discord / Skype Name: if u want my Skype ask me personally with a reason why don't just wanna post it


just got promoted on direwolf so I'm looking forward to working with this excellent community and its staff     ty craftersland staff for the opportunity 



and remember "always do what you've always done your always gonna get what you've always gotten it up to u to make the change no-one else "


my favorite quote and saying


have a great time building and craftting on the best server ive ever come accross




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