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Chests disappeared with high Value in claimed area


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Good Evening.

In our Town disappeared around 5 D-Chests full of Valuable Items. I can not List them all. Lots of Ores ( Several stacks of Draconium) Bees Dusts Pearls. Allround stuff...

It is in a claimed chunk and there are no sighns of destruction. It is also not a roll back of the town. It seems that just 2 chunks of the town got rolled back.

Missing chests. Coords: x -183 z -1 y 66.

You can message in game MobileBallistic or Juggernation.

I thank you in advance and have a nice evening.



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To add to what MobileBallistic has already reported about this problem;

I talked with faves in-game and he came over to examine the chunks. According to him, it is unknown why the problem happened, but he suggested a refund of the lost items. 

I discussed the other town members (MobileBallistic, and FDM, who was the most active one in the chunks that got rolled back) and agreed on this proposal. After talking with FDM, he explained that most of the stuff in the chunks that was lost was not necessarily too valuable and listed only his bee stuff as a major loss. That is, as follows:

  • Apiary x32 (Block ID: 1141) [Rough estimate]
  • Apiarist's Pipe x64 (Block ID: 5409) [Rough estimate]
  • Resonant solar panel x3 (Blockk ID: 2429)
  • Bees: Noble princess x8, Noble drone x8, Diligent princess x8, Diligent drone x8 [Rough estimates]

There were apparently other chests full of minor things, which he claims were not important. The things which MobileBallistic described (Ores, Draconium and Pearls) had been already moved to our main storage by me (which MobileBallistic did not know), so therefore they do not need to be refunded. 

Thank you in advance for your time!



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