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[Suggestion] MyTown


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Hello,I want to tell you that,as an advanced Tekkit player,I got multiple problems with MyTown.There are some:

1: When you accidentally die in a claimed land,You lose all your stuff,even if it's really precious. (Flying with a jetpack,when it's battery got drained,even you died from hunger)

2: Claim members can attack you inside the claim,you can't attack them,that's unjust,you can't even defend yourself!They can easily scam you,and take your stuff...(Or make PvP completely disabled,or completely enable it!)

3: When you are travelling long distances,you can accidentally get into a protected land,with "out none".This teleports you to spawn.(You will RAGE when this happens,sometimes happens multiple times.)

I hope you will fix at least one from the problems on this list,also I am sure that another players will agree with my problems


*Sorry for my bad English,cuz i am romanian*

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