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Refund request


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 I don`t know english enough to write literate text. Sorry :( Server: infinity evolved, time: 09.04.17 ~14:00 (GMT+4) In game nick: lemon12313
 I lost nano chest from gravitation suite id: 6842:1, quntum boots id: 4177:1 and leggins id: 4176:1, nano helmet id:4170:1.

 I installed laser drill from mine factory and irreversibly happens:
I decided to check my armor) i get into the laser beam and died.
Then I shut down to the drill and digged up my tomb, armor decided to dissapear. I was left without nano chest from gravitation suite, nano helmet, quantum pants and boots. I beg you to return this things.

Sadly i didn't save screenshoots.

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