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Moving Building?

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I have a really big problem. I made a new an very very big base on the server DireWolf20 because my old one was a bit to basic. After few days building there was something wrong with my Me system. I thought that my Me system was the problem but it wasn't. I asked Derp and Pumpkin to take a look and they said that my base have some corrupted chunks into it. I really don't want that base my is gonna corrupt some day so my question is if the server maybe wants to move my base to somewhere else because it takes me more then 3 days to build this huge base and i'm not lying when i say HUGE. My town is called: NemesisĀ 

I really hope that you guys can help me. Pumpkin said that the Me Security block is the problem of all this corrupted chunck so maybe you need to ban that block. I hope you can solve my problem and move my base unharmed.

This is a second post because it was in the wrong section.

Greetings Enriquest

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