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[Complaint] Toddishere


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In-Game Nickname: SoundWaveGaming or Death_Stalker_



Time and date: Approx 7-7:30pm CST 7/20/2017



Description of what happened: Well didnt take screenshots but asked them to leave Jacobb303 is helping me build my base and i am paying him he ask to invite his neighbor (Death_Stalker_) to look at it i said sure so we get back to building after a bit of him looking around i asked him to leave instead he invites someone else (SoundWaveGaming) after i bit i ask again for them to leave after a bit they leave then i notice my 2 Ultimate Solars are gone the coordnates are there in link and u can see for your self



Screenshots or Proof: 


Note i had perm modify true because jacobb303 was building


Edit: it wasnt soundwavegaming as he recovered ine he had olaced so it was the ither guy and must have the other panel on his person

Edit 2: More proof on Death_Stalker_ 




List of eyewitnesses: Jacobb303 and SoundWaveGaming

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