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Complaint against flaminggoldskull


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In-Game Nickname: Flaminggoldskull

Time and date: 2:35 PM PST July 22 2017

Description of what happened: He asked in global chat "Buying 2 nether brick msg me" so i msg him "I can give you 2 nether brick" he said "ok" and I tped to him. We first went to spawn but you cant drop items in spawn so he told me to tpa. I did and we came to a 1x1x2 hole in his base. He mined a way out so i walked out. It was then he started to try to hit me with a diamond sword. I had power armor so i didn't really panic. I then told him "you are going to get banned" (i thought that tp killing was a bannable offense.) TheDauntlessOne then messaged me "who is getting banned?" so i told him what happened and he asked flaminggoldskull why he tried to kill someone who was going to give him items? Flaminggoldskull the proceeded to lie to the admin and say i tried to raid him. which is completely untrue. He then said that i tried to open his machines. which is untrue because as you can see by the sceenshots the only red console message was you cant pick up items here.

Screenshots or Proof: 

List of eyewitnesses: TheDauntlessOne

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