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Refund request


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Account Name: PeeWee71

Item name + item ID (item ID optional, but very helpful):
1x Nuclear Reactor 194:5

3x Reactor Chamber 195
1x MFSU 200:2
16x Heat Vent 4223:1

Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: About 10 hours ago. Unsure what time is used. 10:00 CET, 02. august.


Description of Issue: Was placing World Anchors when trying to sort out some mobspawners. Heavy lag on the server. I was observing heat and everything was at 0 degrees after about 15 minutes after I had inserted new fuelrods in the reactor. Went to check on the mobspawner and noticed my World Anchors were gone, and returned to the reactor. Everything was gone.
I have no idea what had happened except that the World Anchors were gone. But I lost my reactor, three chambers and a fully loaded MFSU in the incident.
I realise the Anchors are a lost cause at the moment, but I would like to have the reactor and MFSU back as there was nothing wrong.

Evidence (optional, but recommended): Unfortunately I didn't have screenshot of it. Sorry

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