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What the problem with freebies is is that new players (like me) get free stuff  from nice people.

But the problem with that is that they don't know what to do for an example,

I have basic machinery (Pulverizer,Redstone Furnace,Magma Crucible etc) but my power system is an Fulmination generator setup.

So you can see the difference between technology at my base even though it's awesome it doesn't really help me and i get quickly bored and i don't know what to make anymore so i just walk around and chat with people and eventually I'll get bored of this server and stop playing (even though it's awesome) and that will suffer the server alot and eventually it will be abandoned.

But i'm not saying you should not give freebies but think about what you're doing and dont suddenly give high tech stuff just  help them out by showing them how things work,

Or dont do anything and just give advice




Photo's of the Freebie disaster






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