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Problem with Big Reactors with Turbines


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Dear People,

As I am playing on the server for a while now i'm starting to get bigger and bigger stuf. Now i am trying to set up a reactor with multiple turbines on it,

As I was trying to get to this point I started out with one, but bumped on an issue which i think is a bug because I have nevver had this problem on other servers in the past.

So this is my setup: 
A reactor hooked up on a maxed out turbine, because it is so big and made vertically it uses 2 chunks.


Now it is running fine when I am in my base. So when I load the chunks so to speak. But it has to work with the chunk loaders to i guess.
But apparently it doesn't.

The moment before i leave: 


And a few minutes later as I join again:



Now you can notice the drop in RPM and the power per tick loss.
I have been trying to sort this out for a while now but can't find the problem.


Could this be a server thing? or a chunk(loader) problem? Or do you have any other idea's?

You can always come and take a look if you want.


Thanks in advance,


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