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Your Name: iROON123
Item Name + Amount: 
 * Around a stack of iron

 * ~30 steel ingots 

 * ~40 uranium ore
 * ~22 blocks of redstone

 * 8 netherstars

 * 2 hardened solar panel

 * 6 leadstone solar panel

 * 1 stack copper ingots

 * ~24 tin ingots 

 * ~20 silver ingots
 * ~30 blocks of gold 

 *Lost all my botania flowers and bees that i had 
Coordinates: x-710 , y66 , z2888
Description of Issue: All the items were in chest and then i made crusher from railcraft and i set it up in same chunk with the chests and after i set the last block all my chest lost theier signs and items inside , also all the machines lost the fuel inside (this happend to other people too , they told me that its a bug and not to do it again , they told me to put the crusher in another chunk where i dont have chests cz thats causing it to delete everything)
Screenshots (Optional):2018-09-09_16_05_21.thumb.png.e1eb1ffc4dd7d580bf66c058ae9222e9.png

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